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Daniella Villamil


Daniella's life story is a work in progress, a testament to the power of hard work, determination, and a passion for empowering others. Growing up in Colombia, Daniella knew she had to work hard to make her own way in the world. When she moved to the United States, she faced even greater challenges, often working several jobs to make ends meet.

But Daniella never lost sight of her dreams. She discovered a love for interior design and launched her own business, just as the economy took a nosedive. Daniella's grit and determination helped her weather the storm, and she emerged on the other side with a thriving company that generated revenue and garnered the attention of shelter magazines and TV shows.

In the journey to find purpose in her work, she attended social and business events for women-owned businesses in the US, while attending these events, she noticed something missing: representation from Latinas. After researching, she found that although Latinos are starting small businesses faster than the rest of the startup population*, they often struggle to secure capital and achieve their financial goals. Daniella wanted to help, so she enrolled in business and personal coaching programs through Jay Shetty and Rachel Rodgers Hello7, determined to learn the skills she needed to empower other Latina and Latina LGBTQIA entrepreneurs to reach their full potential.

Daniella is on a journey, determined to help others achieve not just financial success, but overall wellness and well-being. 

*JP Morgan Chase- "Latino Owned Businesses May be the Economy's Best Bet"

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